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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detecting Ventilation Fan Controller



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The COSTAR® 24VC-e features an electrochemical sensor and a microcomputer-based CO detection circuit. The microcomputer provides overall supervisory control, measures CO level and calculates CO dose. It also self-tests the internal electronic circuit and signals a fault warning if a malfunction is detected. The CO sensing element is replaceable every 3 years. Each individual sensor is factory calibrated; no field adjustments are necessary or possible except for sensor replacement.  A signal indicating sensor replacement is given when necessary.

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COSTAR® Model 24VC-e

COSTAR® 24VC-e carbon monoxide detecting ventilation fan controller is designed for use where ventilation fans are needed to prevent dangerous accumulations of carbon monoxide (CO) from engine exhaust or combustion appliances. The COSTAR® 24VC-e lowers operating costs by activating the fan only when required to maintain good air quality while enhancing safety by alarming if dangerous CO conditions are detected. 


Listings & Approvals

·      ETL Listed ·      NIOSH Compliant

  • COSTAR® 24VC-e can be equipped with a strobe to meet the ADA requirements
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Quantum Eye®, a multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector

Custom made Quantum Eye® is available

AVCS manufactures Quantum Eye®, a multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector. It provides a visual indication of carbon monoxide presence. Each detector is packaged in a protective bag that when opened activates the product. Once activated the maximum product lifetime is 18 months. Operating temperature range is from 41° to 100° F, relative humidity (RH) range from 25 to 90% RH.  These CO detectors have a 3 year shelf life as long as they are sealed in our factory.

Looking for a unique promotion idea for your company? Custom made Quantum Eye® with your company name and logo will make a great giveaway for your customers to keep.  Draw attention to your trade show booth and stand out from the competition with the Quantum Eye® from AVCS!

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