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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Quantum Guardian® Carbon Monoxide (CO) RV Alarm

Product Description

Quantum Guardian® QG-100

Quantum Guardian® QG-100 Carbon Monoxide RV and Home Detector

Quantum Guardian® QG-100
Carbon Monoxide RV and Home Detector

  • Protect your family from potentially harmful levels of carbon monoxide in your RV, home or garage with the Quantum Guardian®.
  • Limited 6 Year Warranty
  • Only technology tested False Alarm Free
  • Biotechnology combined with a Solid State Infrared Design
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratory

Quantum Guardian®  is a single station Carbon Monoxide Alarm approved by the California State Fire Marshall and listed by UL. Approved for ordinary locations in the home, plus attics, garages and other unconditioned spaces, such as RVs. 

Quantum Guardian® utilizes a biotechnology sensor, which was tested by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to be the only false alarm free technology.  All other technologies false alarmed to gases found in common household products such as air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaners, detergents and alcohols.  There are other reasons why Quantum Guardian® is a great choice to protect you and your family. It is the most reliable CO detector, competitive in cost, has attractive design, easy to install and gives you the best value.  Studies by the Gas Research Institute showed that about 70 % of people with just one false alarm will ignore future alarms.  Many have died as a result.  The biotech carbon monoxide (CO) sensor and CO alarm technology used in Quantum Guardian®  is the only carbon monoxide alarm (CO alarm) technology tested false alarm free by LBNL.